Wendell Holland, II

Hi there. I’m Wendell. 


I design furniture and recently won Survivor. 


Let’s Talk About Your Bed.

I built my first bed back when I was a law clerk. I’ve always loved creating and designing, and I was looking for a new creative challenge besides my first job out of law school. After receiving enthusiastic feedback from friends and family, I decided to make a couple more beds to see if they would sell online. They did, and as the demand grew, Beve Unlimited was born. Our signature is our beds, and our specialty is custom furniture handcrafted from reclaimed wood. The company name is inspired by a childhood nickname I held close, as I hold this work – in high esteem close to my heart.

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Let's Talk About Survivor.

I have been a Survivor super fan since season 18: Survivor Tocantins. As a competitor by nature who loves the game, I thought I had a shot at it, so I applied when I was clerking. I didn’t hear back but refused to get discouraged and kept applying. I went to open casting calls, sent in video after video. It wasn’t until I fully transitioned to align my work with my passion as an entrepreneur that I felt a shift in every aspect of my life. My demeanor changed, and I felt like I was living my best and most fulfilling life. I firmly believe that this is what caught the eye of producers when I submitted that last audition video and carried me through the game down to the last vote.


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