Wendell F. Holland, II is the founder and chief designer at Beve Unlimited, which transforms reclaimed wood to into unique custom furniture. He tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit at Morehouse College where he designed, produced, and sold hand painted college apparel. Wendell built his first bed for himself, while he was a law clerk for one of Philadelphia’s most respected judges. It received positive feedback from friends and family, so he made more beds, which sold quickly online. As he created pieces for friends and clients, Beve Unlimited was born. The company name was inspired by his family nickname. 

Simultaneously, Wendell developed a strong interest in the CBS series Survivor. A lifelong athlete, he has been a “super fan” since Season 18, and he believed that his competitive spirit, athleticism, and life experience would serve him well on Survivor. He first applied for the show while clerking and continued to apply until he was cast on Survivor: Ghost Island.

When Wendell's career changed from law to furniture design, he noticed a shift in everything. His demeanor improved, and he truly felt like he was living his most fulfilling life. Wendell is of the firm belief that the shift in his career and perspective is what caught the attention of the Survivor producers. On May 23, 2018, he won Survivor: Ghost Island Season 36.

Wendell is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Morehouse College and an alumnus of University of Pennsylvania Law School.